What Are The Types Of Brain Pills?

Brain boosts make up a class of substances believed to have the ability to boost your brain performance. Sometimes, brain pills can also be referred to as memory-enhancing substances or cognition enhancers. This article will help you understand the various types of brain pills and how you can use them. Check this out!

  1. Prescription Brain Pills

Topping our list today are the prescription brain pills, or rather, the prescription nootropics, as some people may call them. A qualified doctor prescribes these and is usually dedicated to treating a specific medical condition. In most cases, the drug is considered a stimulant that can help treat diseases like dementia, ADHD and narcolepsy, among other similar conditions. These drugs are a lot in the market, thus the reason why most doctors are very keen when giving prescriptions.

Even though they can help you treat a certain medical condition, ensure you never take them without the doctor’s prescription. Just like any other prescription medicine, they have their effects, thus the reason why you need to take them under the care of a doctor.

  1. Over-the-counter Brain Pills

Did you know that sometimes the term nootropic can mean a synthetic or natural supplement to boost mental performance? Over-the-counter brain pills are those that do not need any prescription. They are not necessary to prescribe because most of these supplements are associated with a low risk of side effects upon taking them as directed. However, they can interact with other medications that may affect blood clotting. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor or a person with knowledge about the drugs before taking them.


Because brain memory and function slightly decline naturally as we age, people opt for brain pills to boost their memory, but there are other techniques you could use to improve your memory. Above are the two types of pills that you should include in your list.