The World Must Not Take the Coronavirus Lightly – Israel Figa Advises

Dr. Israel Figa, who is always researching, reading, and distributing his expert knowledge about the current health-related problems of the world is concerned that the world might be taking the coronavirus very lightly. He believes that the countries like the US, England, Brazil, etc. are the ones that have not showed the level of seriousness that they should have with the current condition of the world. He believes the virus is a deceptive one and will require more efforts from the humankind than the previous pandemics did. What does he mean by that?

What is he trying to tell the world with this message? Let’s find out through these important points.

New Variants Are Coming

While the world is fighting the coronavirus that they discovered toward the end of 2019, the virus has been mutating to form new variants. This has resulted in the creation of many different variants that act completely differently from the traditional coronavirus that you know about. According to Israel Figa, there have been reports of a very deceptive coronavirus variant in India. Usually, hospitals conduct what you call a RT-PCR test to detect the presence of the coronavirus in the body of a person. To perform this test, you have to give a simple from either your nose or throat.

While this method has been used widely around the world, the new variant reported in India has been hiding from these tests. Yes, even if you have the virus inside you, the test will turn out to be negative. Why? Because the virus is taking shelter in your lungs. You will develop all the telltale signs of having COVID-19, but when you go to the laboratory and get tested, your result will be negative, giving you false hope that you don’t have the virus. So, with such deceptive variants, it is no wonder the world should be concerned about the spread of the virus just as much as it was at the beginning of the pandemic.

Scientists Say It Is Airborne  

Since day one, scientists have been of the view that the coronavirus infects people from the surfaces. It travels from one person to another through the droplets that people let out when they breathe, talk, or sneeze. With those findings in mind, you would think that the virus does not strictly spread through the air. However, new reports and discoveries from the scientists are proving to be otherwise. The latest findings from the scientists suggest that there is no reason to believe why this virus is not airborne. What it means is that the virus will spread further and faster without people knowing about it.

The biggest problem is that the precautionary measures that most of the people are taking might not prove to be of any help with the latest discoveries. If the virus is airborne, cleaning the surfaces people touch will not be enough for you.

Double Infections Are Happening

As per Israel Figa, another scary part about this virus is that there have been reports of double infection. Yes, people who got the virus and then became healthy, ended up catching COVID-19 yet again. Just because you have had the coronavirus before does not mean you will not be affected at all. Not to mention, even vaccination cannot stop you from getting infected with the virus again. After vaccination, you will lose your immunity to the virus after some time because the virus is constantly multiplying and mutating. Within a few months, there is a new strain that demands you to get vaccinated again.

Final Thoughts

Many people have been reacting childishly to the whole situation because they think it is some sort of conspiracy or government-backed hoax. However, many of these people who called the virus a hoax later became infected with it. So, Israel Figa believes that the world should act patiently and seriously about the situation. SOPs should not be taken lightly and the urge to just get out of the house and enjoy life should be nipped for at least one more year.

Everything you need to know about diabetes

Diabetes, having a complete name as diabetes mellitus, is a condition in which your body can not move the sugar present in your blood to the liver. Under normal conditions, an organ known as the pancreas in your body secretes a hormone known as insulin. This hormone is responsible to regulate blood sugar levels. It moves the excess glucose present in the blood to the liver for metabolism, where it is then stored as glycogen.

Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome in which there is either an absence of insulin secretion or the receptors get desensitized to it, thereby causing a hike in blood sugar level.

Diabetes, if left untreated, can lead to many other complications. If you are diabetic, you must attend the follow-up visit to a healthcare provider. They will monitor your medications and blood sugar level. It is essential to visit them because diabetes needs regular sliding of insulin and medication, depending upon the blood glucose levels. For that, you can visit a medical specialist in Lahore.

Types of diabetes

There are different types of diabetes. They can be classified as follows.

Type 1 diabetes

It is an autoimmune disease in which any infection or the cells of your own body destroy the cells of the pancreas- the organ that secretes insulin. It usually occurs in people of young age group. The only treatment for it is to get insulin from external sources.

Type 2 diabetes

It is a kind of diabetes that mostly occurs in the older age group. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas secretes insulin, but the receptors lose sensitivity to it. Therefore, insulin-sensitizing medicines can serve as its treatment.


It occurs in people who are moving towards type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it usually occurs in people of older age groups. Prediabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar levels remain elevated. But they are not too high to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes. At this stage, losing weight, cutting down sugar intake, and incorporating physical exercise can help.

Gestational diabetes

It is a condition in which your blood glucose levels remain elevated during pregnancy. It increases the risk of type 2 diabetes for women of older age. Your gynecologist will therefore advise you to get your blood sugar levels checked during 24th to 28th week of gestation. They may also ask to get an oral glucose tolerance test for its screening.

Symptoms of diabetes

The signs and symptoms of diabetes may differ concerning their types. Some general symptoms can be enlisted as follows.

Increased thirst

Increased urination

Blurry vision

Weight loss

Extreme fatigue

Infections that take longer to recover

In men, it can cause erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, and poor muscle strength.

In women, it can cause urinary tract infections, dry itchy skin, and yeast infections.

Risk factors

Risk factors for diabetes slightly differ concerning their types.

Type 1 diabetes

The risk of type 1 diabetes is associated with a family tendency. If your parents or siblings have type 1 diabetes, the risk for you increases.

Type 2 diabetes

The risk factors for type 2 diabetes are as follows.

Being overweight

Being 45 or older

Have a family history

Have had gestational diabetes

Have high blood pressure

Have high blood cholesterol

Have prediabetes

Inactive lifestyle

Sugar rich diet

Gestational diabetes

The risk factors for gestational diabetes are as follows.

Have had gestational diabetes in the last pregnancy


Age over 25

Have had given birth to a baby whose weight was higher than 9 pounds

Have polycystic ovarian syndrome

Have a family history of type 2 diabetes

Complications of diabetes

Diabetes, if left untreated, leads to uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Which in turn can lead to various complications like;

Heart attacks

Blood pressure



Eye diseases

Recurrent infections

A wound that does not heal

Vision loss


Kidney disease

Infections of the foot can lead to gangrene, hence amputation

Hearing loss




Complications of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes, if left untreated, can be fatal for the mother, as well as the baby. It can cause the following complications for the baby.

Premature birth

Increased risk of type 2 diabetes in old age

Higher birth weight than normal



Low blood sugar


Diabetes is a disease in which your body can not move blood sugar to the liver, where it can be stored in the form of glycogen. It can occur due to various reasons, has different types and each of them may cause different symptoms.

If you have complaints of blurry vision, increased thirst, increased urination, and weight loss, you must visit the best medical specialist in Karachi.

5 Factors in order to Fireplace Your physician

Using the improvement associated with physician rankings websites, sufferers have become much more conscious they have options with regards to their own health care. Increasingly more sufferers tend to be getting cost of the personal healthcare as well as shooting companies which are not employed in their finest curiosity. If you are unsatisfied together with your physician, it might be time for you to think about shooting him or her. This short article may talk about 5 reasons in order to fireplace your physician.

1 — Insufficient Self-confidence

If you are not really persuaded of the physician’s capability to deal with a person, it is time for you to allow him or her proceed. You need to be in a position to believe in that the physician offers your very best pursuits in mind. Or else, you will find your self throwing away pointless power asking their choices, rather than dealing with their plan for treatment to obtain nicely. If you have actually discovered your self sensation unpleasant in regards to a physician’s choice, it might be time for you to fireplace your physician.

two — Bad Bedroom Method

In case your physician is actually brusque, chilly, or just uncomfortable, it might be period to locate a brand new specialist. You need to feel at ease speaking with your physician regarding any kind of healthcare problems you have — if you cannot speak with him or her, the reason why have you been viewing him or her? Sufferers usually have to go over private or even awkward health issues using their physicians; this really is hard to complete in case your physician includes a bad bedroom method.

3 — Too much time to obtain a scheduled appointment

For those who have difficulty obtaining a scheduled appointment together with your physician, it might be period to locate a brand new supplier. Lengthy wait around occasions frequently happen within methods which are brief staffed — not really a scenario you need to stay in. Perform your very best to locate a physician that may enable you to get within inside a sensible period of time — particularly if you are sick. When you are ill, you will not wish to wait around fourteen days to have an visit.

four — A doctor is definitely in a rush

Physicians having a excellent bedroom method also have period for his or her sufferers as well as are prepared to talk about their own problems as well as issues. In case your physician does not take time to connect to a person, it is period to locate a brand new physician. Spend time reading through physicians evaluations as well as perform your very best to locate a physician in your town who will possess the period to hear your own issues.

5 — Physician is actually Impolite

Indeed, it may occur. From time to time a physician is actually downright impolite, that is reasons with regard to instant termination. In case your physician is actually actually impolite or even condescending for you, you need to perform your very best to locate a brand new 1 as quickly as possible.

When you are in times exactly where it is essential to fireplace your physician, you might want to think about posting a physician evaluation. In so doing, you are able to notify additional sufferers in your town concerning the bad treatment that you have obtained. MDReport. internet physician evaluation website is a superb method to reveal your own views concerning the physicians in your town. It is usually liberated to publish an evaluation, as well as in so doing, a person might be able to safeguard an additional individual from the poor healthcare encounter.

IBS Medicine — That Functions Successfully?

There are lots of IBS treatments you are able to decide to try relieve your problem, as well as one of these is actually if you take a good IBS medicine that possibly reduces signs and symptoms such as constipation as well as diarrhea, or even helps prevent your own digestive system through operating way too hard. Therefore, whilst there are lots of medicines to consider, presently there can’t be a single greatest IBS medicine available, simply because IBS is actually related to a lot of signs and symptoms, then you are able to just consider the actual medications that are ideal for that indicators a person suffer from.

However do you know the most dependable IBS medicines you are able to consider?

1. Antispasmodic medications. These people keep your digestive system through becoming overworked, that might or else result in jerks.

2. Anti-diarrhea medications. This particular IBS medication is actually suggested when you have IBS along with diarrhea.

3. Antidepressants. These people really efficient with regard to managing IBS signs and symptoms particularly when drawn in little dosages. There’s also brand new kinds of medicines which are particularly designed for sufferers that don’t respond positively using the previously mentioned medications.

4. Zelnorm medication. This is actually the just doctor prescribed medication authorized through the FDA with regard to treating ladies struggling with IBS along with constipation. This functions accelerating the actual stooling procedure.

So how exactly does Zelnorm accelerate the actual digestive system procedure?

Serotonin is really a chemical substance normally created in order to help within the digestive function procedure. A typical reason for irritable intestinal affliction along with constipation is really a sluggish digestive system. This can be as a result of reduced degree of Serotonin within your body. The actual medication Zelnorm reduces irritable intestinal affliction along with constipation through behaving such as Serotonin. Furthermore, this functions helping organize the actual muscle tissue within the digestive system, to ensure that this in order to absorb the meals considerably faster.

You need to simply choose that IBS medicine is most effective for you personally. However before you decide to do this, seek advice from your physician to determine when the IBS medicines obtainable tend to be adequate in order to remedy your problem.

Zicam as well as Lack of Odor

3 Zicam items had been lately recognized through the Ough. Utes. Meals as well as Medication Management because posing the danger associated with anosmia, or even lack of odor. This can be a possibly devastating situation, and also the FDA can be involved which a few instances associated with lack of odor might be long term. Based on a good FDA caution released upon 06 sixteen, ’09, more than 130 instances associated with lack of odor happen to be documented towards the company (hundreds much more tend to be suspected) — a lot of that happened following the very first dosage along with among the subsequent 3 Zicam intranasal items:

Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel
Zicam Chilly Treatment Swabs
Zicam Chilly Treatment Swabs, Children Dimension

All these items is actually given straight into the actual sinus hole and possesses a kind of zinc since the active component. These products are promoted because decreasing the actual signs and symptoms linked to the typical chilly in addition to their own length. This isn’t the declare backed through the FDA, nevertheless.

Actually, inside a notice in order to who owns Zicam items, the actual FDA mentioned which:

The danger associated with lack of odor wasn’t properly mentioned within the products’ alerts
These products had been misbranded
The actual advertising from the items had been carried out without having FDA authorization

The actual company additionally mentioned which additional widely-used intranasal chilly items tend to be more efficient, have less danger associated with lack of odor, and therefore are promoted along with FDA authorization.

Possess Zicam Triggered You to definitely Endure Lack of Odor?

Each kids as well as grown ups tend to be prone to struggling lack of odor along with Zicam make use of, although kids might be not as likely in order to statement this. Lack of odor can lead to a good failure to get upon harmful smells for example smoke cigarettes, gasoline leakages, as well as spoiled meals. For all those within the meals business, lack of odor can lead to a good failure to do a person’s function.

Should you or even your son or daughter offers skilled the lack of odor following getting among the zinc-containing Zicam items in the above list, it is best to visit a physician as quickly as possible. Opt for confirming the big event towards the FDA’s MedWatch plan as well as speaking with the Zicam attorney.

Simply because Zicam didn’t properly alert customers concerning the danger associated with lack of odor along with particular associated with it’s items, anyone who has experienced this particular side-effect might be eligible for look for payment inside a lawful motion. Get in touch with the healthcare lawyer, these days, to possess your own queries regarding Zicam as well as lack of odor clarified inside a free of charge declare assessment.

Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel Item Remember

The meals as well as Medication Management released the caution upon 06 sixteen, ’09 with regard to 3 Zicam sinus items, such as Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel. Based on the FDA caution, the most popular chilly treatments might present severe dangers in order to customers. One particular danger is actually losing odor (anosmia) — a significant as well as possibly long term situation. The actual FDA stated it experienced obtained a lot more than 130 reviews associated with anosmia related to Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel as well as 2 additional Zicam items, and it is feasible which countless extra instances happen to be documented in order to Matrixx Endeavours, Inc., that is the owner of Zicam.

Customers that now take over Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel tend to be advised in order to stop make use of instantly.

Confirming a detrimental Occasion

Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel is definitely an intranasal item, meaning it’s given straight into the actual nasal area. It’s among Zicam’s 3 over-the-counter, zinc-containing intranasal items — which tend to be promoted because decreasing the actual intensity as well as period of the most popular chilly within kids as well as grown ups. Nevertheless, this particular declare isn’t supported through the FDA as well as, actually, within breach associated with FDA rules.

The actual FDA suggests which customers who’ve skilled lack of odor following utilizing Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel get in touch with your physician as well as statement the big event towards the agency’s MedWatch plan. Within it’s wellness advisory, the actual FDA stated that lots of instances associated with lack of odor happened using the very first dosage associated with Zicam, however it can happen along with later on dosages too.

Zicam Difficulties Reported through the FDA

Inside a notice in order to Matrixx, the actual FDA mentioned which:

— Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel as well as 2 extra zinc-containing Zicam items aren’t usually named effective and safe

— These products tend to be promoted without having FDA authorization

— These products don’t include sufficient alerts concerning the danger associated with lack of odor and therefore are misbranded

— Along with lack of odor, a lot of people also have documented going through lack of flavor following utilizing zinc-containing Zicam items

— Additional popular intranasal items — types which are authorized through the FDA — tend to be less dangerous as well as much less unwanted effects tend to be documented

Get in touch with an attorney

Losing feeling associated with odor might have damaging results, especially within kids and people that function within the meals business. Anyone who has experienced this particular side-effect following utilizing Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel might be able to consider lawful motion from the item producer. Find out more about your own rights through getting in touch with the healthcare lawyer that has encounter in these instances.

Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Swabs

2 Zicam sinus swab items — Chilly Treatment Swabs, each Normal as well as Children Dimension — had been lately considered through the Ough. Utes. Meals as well as Medication Management in order to present severe dangers in order to customers. Inside a open public wellness advisory caution released upon 06 sixteen, ’09, the actual FDA mentioned which each Swabs as well as Sinus Carbamide peroxide gel produced by Zicam could cause the possibly long term as well as devastating situation referred to as anosmia.

Anosmia as well as Zicam Chilly Treatment Sinus Swabs

Anosmia is basically losing the actual feeling associated with odor and also the FDA stated it’s obtained more than 130 reviews of the situation within customers associated with zinc-containing intranasal Zicam items, such as the Sinus Swabs. As well as the 130 instances associated with anosmia documented towards the FDA, possibly 100s much more happen to be documented straight to the merchandise producer.

Anosmia may, for instance, impact an individual’s capability to:

Odor smoke cigarettes, gasoline leakages along with other hazards
Odor ruined meals
Function within the meals business

Losing feeling associated with odor may appear within kids as well as grown ups that make use of Zicam Sinus Swabs, and several customers stated along side it impact happened using the very first dosage. Nevertheless, it’s possible for any individual in order to endure lack of odor following several utilizes. The actual FDA additionally stated this experienced obtained reviews associated with lack of flavor.

Customers who’ve the actual Chilly Treatment Sinus Swabs through Zicam ought to cease make use of as well as dispose of all of them. Anyone who has skilled unwanted effects for example lack of odor ought to look for medical assistance as well as document a study using the FDA’s MedWatch plan.

Insufficient Alerts

Amongst several issues with the actual Swabs (as reported through the FDA) is actually how the item doesn’t include sufficient alerts concerning the danger associated with lack of odor. Based on the FDA, Zicam Sinus Swabs tend to be promoted with no agency’s authorization, mis-branded, as well as usually not really named effective and safe with regard to dealing with the most popular chilly.

Should you or even your son or daughter offers skilled losing odor following utilizing Swabs through Zicam or even additional zinc-containing Zicam item, you might be permitted consider lawful motion from the product’s producer. For more information regarding your own rights, get in touch with the healthcare lawyer, these days. Lawyers provide free of charge declare critiques and may let you know regarding regardless of whether you might be eligible for payment for the deficits.

Locum Tenens 101: 4 Tips to Find the Right Agency

The rise in popularity of locum tenens in the healthcare sector comes as no surprise. It does boast advantages to medical professionals that a more traditional and linear career path in medicine lacks. From the opportunity to choose a healthcare facility or community to determine your schedule, it’s easy to see why working in locums is rising in popularity.

However, you must choose a reputable and reliable physician recruiter like to ensure that there are no frustrations, inefficiencies, and miscommunications between yourself and the chosen company. And in this article, we will talk about a few tips that you need to know before you commit to an agency.

  1. Bigger isn’t always better

Many make the common mistake of basing their decision on which locum tenens agency to choose based solely on the company’s exposure. But just because these businesses market more, it doesn’t necessarily make them a better option. In actuality, it just means that their overhead costs are higher, which can affect the rate of the practitioner. On the other hand, the inefficiencies of smaller agencies can be offset by their rates, so long as you let them know your expectations.

  1. Always be clear with your terms

It may not be uncommon for physicians to do administrative work, but they are first and foremost medical professionals. And because of this, they may not always be savvy when it comes to the business side of things. So before you commit, make sure that you’re clear about your terms. Remember that the primary reason why locum tenens practitioners are rising in demand is that they’re needed. And you’re far more likely to get a favorable deal if you ask for what you want rather than let the company decide what you need.

  1. Check what people have to say

Locum tenens may meet a need in healthcare, but it’s also a business. And like any business, they can be a little economical with the facts. After all, they need to put their best foot forward to recruit more physicians. And it is for this reason that you must check what other people have to say first before you decide on an agency. It might sound tedious to read through feedback and testimonials, but the time that you spend in doing so will pay off later on.

  1. Explore your options

If you’re looking to work in locums, there’s a good chance that you might find more than one potentially viable option. And if you want to get the best company, it makes sense to explore all your options first. After all, you’re far less likely to find a physician recruiter that can give you the terms that you desire if you don’t actively look for it.

Locum tenens is undoubtedly an excellent career path, whether you’re fresh out of your residency or have spent a number of years in the healthcare industry. And by following the tips listed above, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of working in locums much easier than you would have otherwise.





Chiropractic is a profession with a wide variety of practice techniques which makes it a challenge to select chiropractor who is compatible for an individual. And because the chiropractic treatment includes hands – on procedures, consideration must be given for both the report with the chiropractor as well as the preference of treatment style.

This paper will outline questions to ask when interviewing a doctor of chiropractic and it also provides guidelines for what to expect for chiropractic care.

  • Collecting recommendations

One should start asking the physical therapist, primary care physician or spine specialist for recommendations of chiropractors who they view as competent and trustworthy. The best way to phrase this question is if someone needed a chiropractor, who would you recommend? However, many medical professionals lack regular interaction with chiropractors and therefore may not be able to provide a will also help to ask co-workers, friends and neighbours for recommendations. In general, a chiropractor, chiropractor in San Diego is recommended by multiple people is likely to be reliable.

  • Interviewing a chiropractor

Before treatment, it is always best to conduct a telephone interview or request an office consultation to learn more about the chiropractor, techniques used and the clinic. It is important to feel comfortable with the chiropractor and have an overall positive experience at the clinic.

  • Background research.

Most patients may want to research if there are any disciplinary actions against the chiropractor. The information is available from each state’s chiropractic regulation and licensing board, which can usually be found on chiropractor in San Diego website.

Selecting a health care professional for treatment is something that should be done with care; the bottom line is that the chiropractor’s role is to recommend the course of care for the patient. The patient will decide whether he/she will accept the doctor’s recommendation.

What to Do When Travelling with Medication 

People who have illnesses that require regular medication should be mindful of their medical condition when they plan to travel outside the UK. It is vital to have enough supply of their prescribed medication, since their medicines may not be readily available at their destination.

If you’re travelling with medication, you should check the rules that apply when taking your medicine out of the UK and into a foreign country. Think of the possibilities. You may extend your stay in the country and run out of prescribed medicine. The drugs may not be sold in the country where you’re staying, or your medicine may be considered illegal in another country.

Taking your medicines with you while travelling

Here are a few tips to ensure that you do not have to worry about your regular medication while visiting another country.

  1. Make plans ahead of time 

If your health condition requires you to take prescribed medicine, it is vital to discuss your travel plans with your GP. Do this step at least two months before you leave the UK. Your doctor will tell you if you have to make some special arrangements to take your medicine outside the country.

  1. Check what medicines are allowed

Keep in mind that different countries have a different set of rules, so you should check what rules apply in the countries in your travel itinerary, including the places where you have to pass through between flights. Some of the things you have to check include the types of medicines that the country allows travellers to bring with them and the maximum quantity you can bring with you.

Always remember that some medicines you can buy over the counter in the UK may be controlled elsewhere. For example, Turkey, Pakistan, and India have a list of medications that you cannot bring. The best thing to do is to check with the embassies of the countries you plan to visit.

  1. Protocols to follow 

Ensure that you can safely bring your medicines with you to another country by following these guidelines:

  • Your drugs and medical equipment, such as syringes and needles, should be in their original packages. Ensure that they are labelled correctly.
  • Check the airline’s regulations before leaving your home. Most airlines allow you to carry your medicine in your hand luggage. Make sure that a new copy of your prescription is packed with your medications.
  • Pack some extra medicine in your check-in luggage or suitcase to ensure that you have a supply in case your hand luggage is lost. Consider getting a prescription medicine travel pack from a reputable pharmacy such as
  • Make sure that the expiry dates of your prescription medicines will be valid for the duration of your trip. Likewise, check your pharmacist’s advice on storing medications that should be refrigerated or kept at room temperature.
  • Bring a letter from your GP describing your illness, the details of the prescribed medications, and their brand names and generic names.

Follow these guidelines so you can safely travel abroad with your prescribed medicine. If you are travelling to a country where English is not a common language, have your prescription translated into the local language.