The World Must Not Take the Coronavirus Lightly – Israel Figa Advises

Dr. Israel Figa, who is always researching, reading, and distributing his expert knowledge about the current health-related problems of the world is concerned that the world might be taking the coronavirus very lightly. He believes that the countries like the US, England, Brazil, etc. are the ones that have not showed the level of seriousness that they should have with the current condition of the world. He believes the virus is a deceptive one and will require more efforts from the humankind than the previous pandemics did. What does he mean by that?

What is he trying to tell the world with this message? Let’s find out through these important points.

New Variants Are Coming

While the world is fighting the coronavirus that they discovered toward the end of 2019, the virus has been mutating to form new variants. This has resulted in the creation of many different variants that act completely differently from the traditional coronavirus that you know about. According to Israel Figa, there have been reports of a very deceptive coronavirus variant in India. Usually, hospitals conduct what you call a RT-PCR test to detect the presence of the coronavirus in the body of a person. To perform this test, you have to give a simple from either your nose or throat.

While this method has been used widely around the world, the new variant reported in India has been hiding from these tests. Yes, even if you have the virus inside you, the test will turn out to be negative. Why? Because the virus is taking shelter in your lungs. You will develop all the telltale signs of having COVID-19, but when you go to the laboratory and get tested, your result will be negative, giving you false hope that you don’t have the virus. So, with such deceptive variants, it is no wonder the world should be concerned about the spread of the virus just as much as it was at the beginning of the pandemic.

Scientists Say It Is Airborne  

Since day one, scientists have been of the view that the coronavirus infects people from the surfaces. It travels from one person to another through the droplets that people let out when they breathe, talk, or sneeze. With those findings in mind, you would think that the virus does not strictly spread through the air. However, new reports and discoveries from the scientists are proving to be otherwise. The latest findings from the scientists suggest that there is no reason to believe why this virus is not airborne. What it means is that the virus will spread further and faster without people knowing about it.

The biggest problem is that the precautionary measures that most of the people are taking might not prove to be of any help with the latest discoveries. If the virus is airborne, cleaning the surfaces people touch will not be enough for you.

Double Infections Are Happening

As per Israel Figa, another scary part about this virus is that there have been reports of double infection. Yes, people who got the virus and then became healthy, ended up catching COVID-19 yet again. Just because you have had the coronavirus before does not mean you will not be affected at all. Not to mention, even vaccination cannot stop you from getting infected with the virus again. After vaccination, you will lose your immunity to the virus after some time because the virus is constantly multiplying and mutating. Within a few months, there is a new strain that demands you to get vaccinated again.

Final Thoughts

Many people have been reacting childishly to the whole situation because they think it is some sort of conspiracy or government-backed hoax. However, many of these people who called the virus a hoax later became infected with it. So, Israel Figa believes that the world should act patiently and seriously about the situation. SOPs should not be taken lightly and the urge to just get out of the house and enjoy life should be nipped for at least one more year.