What are the Paragard IUD Removal Complications

Paragard IUD has given women the convenience of planning their families. However, the device can break within their bodies during the removal process. In addition, patients and doctors have cited that Paragard’s one or both arms get broken during removal and lodge in the uterus.

It is essential that all women getting the Paragard IUD removed should see the whole device after the removal process. The healthcare worker can help you inspect the device to ensure it is complete.

Paragard IUD removal complications include broken shards piercing the body’s soft tissue and causing severe pain; in most cases, the women must undergo surgery to remove the pieces. In addition, the fragments sometimes cause infection in the delicate uterine and pelvic regions. These infections may become untreatable if doctors do not make the correct diagnosis.

Since the shards are coated with copper, they can hinder a woman from becoming pregnant or induce infertility. In some cases, if the women conceive, they get an ectopic pregnancy since the shards prevent the normal pregnancy processes. In other instances, women get premature birth and miscarriages.

Light bleeding and an unusual vaginal discharge are among the complications that some women experience. In some cases, the bleeding takes place after menstruation.

Some women experience emotional trauma and anxiety if the device breaks. They feel that they did not get enough information about the device.

If it is broken, the patients must use their finances to cover the additional medical processes needed, such as surgery, x-rays to locate the broken copper wires, and ultrasounds. In cases where women are rendered infertile, they have to contend with going through other expensive surrogacy procedures. Other women have to adopt children and change their plans to accommodate the new unprecedented life.