Nutraceutical Industry Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In these uncertain times, it’s vital to build immunity that can fight the virus. This article will tell you about the nutraceutical industry and its importance during the pandemic. Also, you’ll know where to look for the best nutraceutical merchant account for your business.


COVID-19: Nutraceutical Industry & Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Nutraceuticals are food or part of food providing medical or health benefits, not causing side effects and having naturally dietary supplements. Today, the nutraceutical industry is growing all over the world.


The global nutraceutical market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% during 2020-2024. By 2027, it’s anticipated to make up USD 722.49 billion, as Grand View Research, Inc. reports. And that’s with good reason: there’s rising awareness among people worldwide concerning good health and wellbeing.


Nutrients support the immune system and make it stronger. It’s too important to consume potential nutrients and micronutrients. The situation caused by COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of a number of industries, including the neutraceutical one.


E.g., virtual platforms turned into the primary means of work and study, and not only. People became overexposed to digital devices, which resulted in more than one negative impact on health. Many of these negative effects can be addressed with nutritional products.


As for the nutraceutical companies, they’re struggling to keep their production facilities operating smoothly even though there’s a shortage of staff and resources amid the outbreak. If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap nutraceutical merchant account, consider working with a respectable high risk processor in the U.S. This is the fastest way to get the merchant services you need to keep your business afloat.


The Importance of Nutraceutical Industry During the Pandemic

Today, in this time of crisis, it’s critical for supplement companies to re-evaluate the way they approach the growing demand and sidestep as many outbreak-related hardships as possible.


Here’re several key points concerning the nutraceutical industry during the COVID-19 outbreak:


  • The retailers of dietary supplements and natural products should keep on operating as essential businesses.


  • Nutraceutical businesses should take the necessary steps to address the pandemic-related issues in end markets.


  • It’s critical to strive to be well-positioned so to control near-term developments with your business and don’t lose your financial position


  • It’s also vital to focus on your long-term strategy for above-market growth, relying on innovative and growth initiatives

And more.


To sum up, the world won’t be the same after COVID-19. The nutraceutical industry, together with many other sectors, is playing and will keep on playing an important role for people worldwide.


Author Bio: Blair Thomas has been a music producer, bouncer, screenwriter and for over a decade has been the proud Co-Founder of eMerchantBroker, the highest rated high risk merchant account processor in the country that provides the safest and cheapest nutraceutical merchant account in the industry. He has climbed in the Himalayas, survived a hurricane, and lived on a gold mine in the Yukon. He currently calls Thailand his home with a lifetime collection of his favorite books.

Ido Fishman Gym can tone your body perfectly


It is said that the human body is a biological machine.  While it is true to some extent, it is actually much more than that. It is a machine that has a deep psychological relationship with its owner.  If you have a flabby or a thin body it can have a devastating psychological effect on you. You become a social outcast, trying to hide from people as far as possible. On the other hand a well-toned muscular body gives an aura of well-being and builds confidence.  Ido Fishman makes you feel proud of your body.

The Goals

When you join a gym, you have a goal in mind. The basics goals are Toning up, BodyBuilding and Losing Weight. Individuals may have one or more of these goals in mind.

Toning up:

Healthy food habits, proper lifestyle and regular exercise can help to achieve a physically fit body. However, if you want a body with toned up muscles in their proper places you need something more. It requires exercises, which combine weight, cardio and strength training so that the extra fat is burnt out. This helps to develop muscle as the metabolism rate increases. Ido Fishman’s outfit is well equipped for toning up your body matching your habits and lifestyle. It has all the latest sets of equipment for squats, dead lifts, straight-leg dead lifts, lunges and bench step-ups.


Not all people are satisfied with only a toned up healthy body; there are some who want to venture into the competitive world of body builders and dream of a body chiseled out to look like a Greek sculpture. At Ido Fishman the instructors give professional guidance so that the aspiring body builder can work towards his/her goal supported by all necessary equipment and fitness plan. The instructors are professional bodybuilders themselves and have won many awards in international competitions. As such, partnering with Ido Fishman Fit gives an opportunity to access useful tips and advice for making one’s body the envy of body builders.

Losing Weight

In today’s world obesity has become endemic.  Unhealthy food habits, lifestyle issues, lack of physical activity have all contributed to this malaise. However, ironically, a positive outcome is that a large section of the populace has become conscious of their health and takes recourse to dieting to lose weight and look beautiful. However, dieting alone is not enough to lose weight. A well planned training routine and focus is required to have a lasting impact. In many instances it is noticed that lack of motivation to pursue the rigorous routine ends up in gaining more weight in the process.

At Ido Fishman you can gracefully get rid of that extra fat from the places where they are unwanted. The trainers are experienced and they know exactly how to motivate a person so that he/she does not lose sight his/her aspirations. They also continuously work with the member to inspire him/her to go ahead and give additional effort. Thus the friendly and supportive attitude of the trainers prods the person to achieve his/her goal.

Personalized Training Makes Work out Fun

Nowadays there are many gyms available where you can join for a workout. However, the one single feature that can probably determine which gym is most suitable for your needs is the quality of its trainers. The trainers must be professional and qualified who understand your specific requirements. They should also have the necessary experience to design a training schedule so that it works for you. Another distinguishing quality of a good trainer is the will to constantly update his/her skills through learning new techniques. The trainers at Ido Fishman meet all these qualities and more. Ido Fishman has excellent professional trainers. Their friendly cooperative nature makes you feel at home so that working out becomes fun.  When a person decides to join a gym he/she sets a goal. The trainers at Ido Fishman monitor the fitness and nutritional progress of each member so that the person can reach his/her goal in the shortest time.


However, it needs to be clarified that setting goal does not mean being focused in an aggressive manner. Rather, the approach should be balanced in keeping with the individual’s health and capacity, which gives better long term and short-term results. The trainers at Ido Fishman are skilled to design customized balanced programs for each member. The keyword at Ido Fishman is to personalize the training in its true sense.

Moving out of your Comfort Zone

Once you decide to have a well-toned muscular and healthy body, you must come out of your comfort zone. Although Id Fisherman provides a comfortable environment for you to work out, its trainers will always keep a vigil to ensure that you do not settle down in your comfort zone. In order to strengthen the muscle tissues, one must work harder and harder every time, as otherwise, even a toned up body will not remain in shape without routine workouts.

Value for Money

At the end of the day one must check whether it was worthwhile joining the gym after all. The dissatisfied client is the worst that can happen to bring down the reputation of any gym. The trainers at Id Fishman analyze a client in detail to assess exactly the right course to achieve his/her goal within the shortest possible time. However, it should be borne in mind that shortest is not the best. The routine should be such that the benefits are long lasting.  Id Fishman, therefore, ensures the best-valued membership program for its clients.


To summarize, it can be said that if you are looking for a personalized gym that provides well designed, balanced training programs at the best value, you need not go further than Id Fishman. It is the right choice for the person who aspires to have a lasting well-toned, muscular body in spite of lifestyle pressures, food habits, and heavy daily work schedules.


Natural and medical hair growth and thickening techniques


Coconut oil

Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents advising you to massage your hair with coconut oil? In the Philippines, this natural hair growth technique has been passed on from generation to generation. Sadly, the younger ones seem to have lost its faith in the natural coconut oil and switched to commercial hair products containing coconut extracts.

Well, then we’re advising you to go back to the old technique of massaging your hair and scalp with coconut oil to make it grow thicker. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that go right inside the hair to repair the protein lost from your hair through the chemicals and treatments applied on it.



You may be thinking of that creamy, delightful and healthy yogurt snack. We’re referring more to the unsweetened and non-flavoured type of yogurt which is proven to be a rich in probiotics. Thus, it can help boost hair growth and even protect your hair from damage. If you’re regularly straightening, perming or styling your hair, you can lessen the damage these practices causesby doing the yogurt hair regimen.

Take it from the case study where mice subjected to a yogurt treatment were found to have increased subcuticular follicles, leading to a more luxuriant fur. This creates the same effect in humans. Discover the best ways to use yogurt on your hair.


Having a good body massage every once in a while may be part of your lifestyle to relieve tension and stress that comes with the adult life.

Do the same for your hair my taking the time to massage it. Just when you think it does not have any effect on hair growth, you’ll find yourself mistaken. A study was conducted where the effects of scalp massage were evaluated in Japanese males. The study also aimed to discover the effects of stretching forces on human dermal papilla cells in vitro.

What they did in that interesting study is to pick nine healthy Japanese males who then received 4 minutes of standardized scalp massage. That’s a total of 4 minutes of massage each day for a period of 6 months or 24 weeks. The massage was not done manually but through a scalp massaging machine. The study revealed that the scalp massage area exhibited a significant increase in hair thickness as compared to the initiation point.

This scientific proof should be enough to persuade you to start setting aside at least 5 minutes a day for a scalp massage.

Onion Juice

The thought of it might sound odd because of the strong and unpleasant odor of onion. To put onion juice on your hair sounds terrible, we know! But researchers discovered that the phytochemical compounds in onion juice actually induce hair regrowth! It can also help solve the issue of patches on the head due to alopecia.

All that you need to do is to cut an onion in half and to extract the juice from it. Strain the extract and add some fragrant essential oils on the juice. Apply it to your scalp then leave it for one hour at the at most. This can be part of your routine at least twice a month. To remove the strong smell of onion from your scalp and hair, wash thoroughly with a strong fruit scented shampoo then apply lemon juice deeply on scalp and hair after rinsing. Leave the lemon juice for an hour or two then rinse again. This should be enough to remove any hint of onion odor on your head.


Aside from using coffee as a natural hair coloring ingredient, you can also take advantage of its caffeine to promote hair growth. Caffeine is proven to be effective in elongating the hair shaft to induce hair growth. Scientifically, caffeine prolongs the anagen phase of hair development, which is the active growth phase of hair follicles during which there is a rapid division of the root of the hair so that hair shaft may be added. This is proven effective in reducing balding and hair thinning.

Fish oil

We’ve been told that the intake of omega fatty acids through supplements and some food promotes the improvement of heart and skin condition. Aside from these benefits, fish oil intake can also help improve the condition of one’s hair from the inside. Omega fatty acids work to supply rich nutrients and proteins inside the hair. Rich in antioxidants, fish oil also helps improve the thickness and diameter of the hair and reduce hair loss.

Balanced diet

Nothing works better in improving your overall health condition than a balanced diet. Take the right amount of nutrients and vitamins everyday and take less of the non-essential and harmful food that will just damage your health.

Stress and trauma also result to the weakened ability of your body to grow the normal amount of hair. When you’re stressed, your body will not absorb the proper amount of nutrients and will be forced to work with such an insufficient amount. This small amount of nutrients will be directed to your vital organs that need it the most so they can function properly. In that case, no more nutrients will be allocated to hair growth.

When you encounter this condition, you can check with your doctor so he can recommend the appropriate diet and supplements that you can take. You may even resort to some medical treatments for a dramatic result of growing your hair. As such, below is a list of some medical hair treatments that can solve hair loss and balding problems.

Medical and surgical hair treatment

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery remains to be the most effective hair treatment for men and women in the Philippines and all around the globe. This hair treatment results to permanent hair growth even to the worst balding problems.

Follicular unit excision or FUE

Another permanent hair loss solution is what hair experts call the FUE. Follicular unit excision is an advanced procedure whereby a specialized machine is used to harvest follicular grafts from a part of the scalp where hair still grows. These harvested follicular grafts will then be transferred to the balding part of the head.

Corrective and remedial procedure

As the name implies, this procedure is applied usually to people who want to revise an incorrect hair growth procedure previously done on their scalp. Some wrong procedures of hair transplant results to a patchy appearance on the head or to an uneven distribution of transplanted hair. This corrective procedure is aimed at creating a fuller and more even distribution of transplanted hair.